Getting Involved

Gifts in Kind

Donations of toys, books, crafts and other types of items to the Alberta Children's Hospital are common, and these are referred to as gifts-in-kind. These donations could be from a child wanting to share good fortune with another child; for example, a child may wish to give new, unopened birthday presents he or she received to the hospital. Other times, a former patient or a family member may wish to express gratitude for the care that was received, and want to give back. This may take the form of individuals or families making a donation, or it may be a school, organization or business that collects items on a larger scale (e.g. toy drive).

Donations are needed for children newborn to 17 years old.

Please follow the following rules for Gift in Kind donations:

  • Only new toys and books are accepted due to infection prevention and control here at the hospital.
  • All toys and books must be free of corporate branding.
  • Gently-used DVD movies and computer games/video game console equipment (e.g. Xbox 360) are occasionally accepted as per need, storage, etc.
  • Depending on circumstances (e.g. pandemic concerns, such as the H1N1 outbreak), it may become necessary to decline all gently-used items in order to maintain infection control.

For more information on donating toys or for the gift in kind wish list, please contact the Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation office at 403-955-8818 or at .

The Child and Youth Advisory Council (CAYAC)

The Child and Youth Advisory Council (CAYAC) is a diverse group of youth volunteers, ages 12-18+, from around Southern Alberta. They meet six times a year on Saturdays. At each meeting, CAYAC members provide input from a youth perspective on child health programs and services. They also do small group consultations and offer a youth voice at relevant meetings and conferences.

Please visit the CAYAC homepage for more information about what we do and how to join.

Family to Family Connections

Family to Family Connections helps families connect with other families who have experienced a similar event, procedure or diagnosis with their child. This one-to-one peer support is provided by volunteer families who can offer a listening ear, share their experiences, and suggest resources.

To learn more, or to Support Another Family, contact the Family to Family Connections Coordinator at 403-955-2456 or .

Patient and Family Centred Care Steering Committee

The Alberta Children's Hospital has a Patient and Family Centred Care Steering Committee. This Committee provides an opportunity for families and health care professionals to work collaboratively as partners in care to support, promote, guide, and advance Patient and Family Centred Care. The Committee is made up of an equal number of staff and family members. All Committee members go through an interview process and have a diverse array of personal and professional experience. Members meet once per month and have the opportunity to get involved in projects outside of meeting time.

If you are interested in finding out more information or joining the committee, please contact us at .

Patient and Family Centred Care Network

The Alberta Children's Hospital has a Patient and Family Centred Care Network. This provides an opportunity for families and staff to share their personal and professional perspectives and participate in Patient and Family Centred Care activities without sitting on a formal Committee. Some ways in which Network members can volunteer is:

  • becoming a member of a sub-committee
  • attending focus groups
  • reviewing and providing input on written material
  • sharing stories
  • providing feedback through email

Members of our Patient and Family Centred Care Network can choose how they want to be involved according to their areas of interest and time available to volunteer. All members of our Network will receive a monthly newsletter which will highlight some of the work that is being done at the Alberta Children's Hospital.

If you are interested in joining our Patient and Family Centred Care Network, please contact us at .