Child Health Computer Program

The Child Health Computer Program uses computers and other digital media in therapeutic ways to support the care of children and families at the Alberta Children's Hospital. Through the program, families can access technology to gather child health information, engage in recreational activities, and connect to school, family and friends.

We want to make it easy as we can for patients and families to stay connected with friends, family, school, and even work. We encourage you to bring your own laptop, tablet, or phone, and connect to our wireless network just like you would at home. If you don't have a laptop, or just forgot your's at home, don't worry we can lend you one of ours. We also have plenty of family access computers scattered throughout the hospital that are specifically for your use.

What the Computer Program Offers:

For more information about the Child Health Computer Program please feel free to contact us: phone: 403-955-2252 or email: