What is the Community Education Service (CES)?

CES is a program, within the Mental Health Collaborative of Alberta Health Services, that offers free education, both online and in-person, for parents and caregivers, and really anyone who wants to learn more about topics related to child and youth mental health.

What topics are covered in the Community Education Service programs?

The sessions offered cover a wide range of topics related to child and youth mental health, including understanding mental health disorders, effective communication strategies, stress management techniques, anxiety, and accessing resources for professional help when needed.

Are the sessions provided free of charge?

Yes, all sessions offered by CES are completely free of charge.

How can I participate in sessions offered?

Registration involves creating an account on the website.

You have the flexibility to choose between attending online sessions or in-person workshops based on your preference and availability. Online sessions via ZOOM can be accessed remotely from anywhere with an internet connection as well as in-person sessions held at designated locations. This dual approach aims to cater to different preferences and needs of parents and caregivers seeking knowledge on child and youth mental health.

Who are the presenters?

Our presenters are experienced professionals in the field of child and youth mental health, including psychologists, counselors, social workers, and educators. They bring specialized evidence-based knowledge and experience to ensure high-quality instruction tailored to parents’ and caregivers’ needs.

How can I stay updated on upcoming sessions?

You can subscribe to the newsletter Newsletter – CES (or follow their social media channels).

Can I request specific topics to be covered in future sessions?

Yes, you can suggest topics of interest for future sessions by contacting us directly at ces@ahs.ca.

How can I provide feedback on my experience with CES?

You can share your feedback through surveys provided after each session or by reaching out to us via email ces@ahs.ca with any comments or suggestions.

Are certificates provided?

Certificates are sent out after the Zoom sessions, usually within 3 days. Certificates are provided at in-person sessions. Certificates for recorded sessions – email ces@ahs.ca with your name and session viewed. Sessions qualify as category B learning credits.

Can participants access recorded sessions?

Not all presenters agree to record, but we do have a library of past sessions that were recorded on our AHS YouTube Channel. If you are registered for a session, and it is recorded, you will be notified once the recording is ready for viewing.



The Mental Health Collaborative (MHC) networks, consults, and collaborates with communities and local stakeholders who work with children and youth such as educators, primary care professionals, and families. Through virtual and in-person avenues, we provide information that is based in research and evidence-informed related to mental health; substance use; and mental/ neurodevelopmental disorders, striving to create consistency of messaging and language across our audiences. Our program facilitates and supports collaborative initiatives, strategies, knowledge translation and education; the resources our teams provide are often applicable across audiences. Link to MHC brochure.

MHC Members

Where can I learn more about the mental health literacy approach?

Words matter. Evidence matters. Connection matters. Check out mentalhealthliteracy.org to learn how improving literacy around mental health can lead to improved health, better understanding of mental disorders, earlier intervention, better outcomes, and reduction of stigma. Resources, videos, and further learning available to all.

I am an educator/EA/school administrator. Are there sessions for us to view?

Yes, visit our sister program Mental Health Online Resources for Educators (MORE). They offer 60+ free, evidence-based, clinically reviewed courses on mental health and substance use topics. https://ahsmore.mhcollab.ca/

Do you have sessions on substance misuse?

Yes, visit our sister program Community Health Promotion Services (CHPS). They aim to prevent and reduce harms related to substance misuse and mental health disorders by maximizing the well-being of children, adolescents and families. https://chps.mhcollab.ca/

Do you have accredited professional development opportunities for physicians/clinicians?

Yes, visit our sister program Continuing Professional Development (CPD). https://cpd.mhcollab.ca/